Consultant in the Gastroenterology Dept in 1992. Actively involved as a Private Surgeon.


fig 1: Gastro intestinal Tract

Doctor Ignatius Botha has been involved in gastroenterology since 1988. He was also a part-time consultant at the gastroenterology unit from 1992 until 1994 at Tygerberg Hospital. This practice specializes in gastroscopy (upper endoscopy) en Colonoscopy (Lower endoscopy) for people that suffer from heartburn, dyspeptic problems and colon related diseases e.g. Blood in the stools or family related history of cancer. ERCP-Although being able to do this procedure, Dr Botha refers his ERCP’s to a colleague, Dr Maartin Prins, who is more proficient in this technique.

Conscious sedation
During your visit to the gastroenterology unit for your procedure, you will be injected with medication that will make you drowsy. You may not drive or work with machinery that day.
Please ask Dr Botha or his staff if you need more information.