Allwright & Partners are a well-known anesthesiology practice and for over twenty years one of the most established providers in Cape Town. They are chosen service provider of many well-known and acclaimed surgeons in Cape Town’s northern suburbs and the surrounding area.

With twelve specialist anesthetists and five expert trafficking personnel, the practice not only provides personal and expert anesthesiology services to its surgical specialist colleagues and their clients, but also prides itself on its well-known “always available” motto for 24-hour service. Two of the twelve specialist anesthetists are allocated to Doctor Ignatius Botha’s surgical lists on Mondays and Thursdays at Panorama Medi-Clinic. The Allwright & Partners anesthetist on call treats emergency cases.

Between the partners of this practice, all areas in the anesthesiology field are covered – from specialist conscious sedation in the rooms to a wide variety of general anesthesia in the operating theatre. They have extensive academic and practical expertise locally and internationally, in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Contact Allwright & Partners:

Phone: 021-939 7080
Fax: 021-939 9923

Information regarding your anesthesia or a personal anesthetist can be obtained from the above-mentioned contact details. A rough quotation of your anesthesia fees can also be requested, keeping in mind several potential variables like the estimated time frame of your surgery, after hour fees, epidural and/or central line placement.