Antibiotics Review Group


Dr. Botha’s other main interest, besides surgery, lies in the Intensive Care field, surgical infections and antibiotics. He is actively involved in an Antibiotic Review Group with specialists re-evaluating the use of antibiotics in the Intensive Care setting as well as in surgical anti-microbial prophylaxis. Dr Ignatius Botha is actively involved in caring for his patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Most often he will collaborate with another physician to optimize the care of the patient.

Antibiotic Review Group (ARG)

The antibiotic review group was established about 10 years ago with a small committee consisting of Dr. Christie van Wyk (Gynecologist), Dr. Marthinus Senekal (microbiologist), Dr. Roy Spammer (physician) and Dr. Ignatius Botha (Surgeon). Dr. Botha is the current chairman of the Antibiotic Review Group and has been so for the last 12 years.

The aim of this group is to have inter-disciplinary meetings between specialists from all sub-specialties. Discussions are held with the main focus being antibiotic treatment and infections. Meetings include patient presentations, ward rounds and visits by local and international speakers.

2003 – 2010

  • Weekly ward rounds are held in the ICU.
  • Monthly lectures and patient presentations with interesting ideas regarding infections and the use of antibiotics.
  • Local speakers included Prof Guy Richards, Prof Mervyn Mer (Johannesburg)


Antibiotic Ward rounds have attended by the following distinguished international specialists:

July 2011

Prof Lippman, (Brisbane , Australia) and Prof Rello, Spain as guests of the ARG.


February 2010

Prof Debbie Goff: Infectious diseases Specialist, Ohio State University, US


A wide range of specialists attend these weekly meetings including gynecologists, orthopedic surgeons, surgeons, physicians, anesthetists, cardio-thoracic surgeons, pharmacists, oncologists and intensive care personnel.

Our objectives with the ARG meetings:

  1. To increase the physician knowledge of infectious diseases and anti-microbial resistance.
  2. To enhance the physicians knowledge of the correct antibiotic use in the intensive care and in the normal wards;
  3. To promote a better understanding between different specialties for a best outcome of each patient.
  4. To make everyone aware of resistant organisms and treatment patterns in the ICU.
  5. ICU clinical rounds every Friday to discuss patients.

Members of the Antibiotic Review Group

  • Dr. Chris Atzl,
  • Dr. I Botha(Chairman)
  • Dr. EL Bouwer
  • Dr. I Burger
  • Dr. T Hattingh
  • Dr. J Raats
  • Dr. C Schubert
  • Dr. M Senekal
  • Dr. R Spammer
  • Dr. C van Wyk
  • Dr. M Wasserfall
  • Dr. M Wells
  • Dr. R Wilson
  • Dr. J Rabie
  • Dr. J Theron,
  • Dr. AL Biebuyck
  • Dr. P Geyser
  • Dr. D Oppel
  • Dr. LA MacGregor
  • Dr. J Leith
  • Dr. E Kriegler
  • Dr. I Minnaar
  • Dr. J Jacobs
  • Dr. W du Toit
  • Dr. G De Villiers
  • Dr. R Brown
  • Dr. W Basson
  • Dr. C Fourie
  • Dr. P van Vollenhoven
  • Dr. C Vogts
  • Dr. R de Wet
  • Dr. E Coertse
  • Dr. A Marais
  • Dr. K Vermeulen
  • Dr. E Myburgh


CPD (Continuing Professional Development ) Certificate of Accreditation
Accreditation number:#MDB015/047/01/2011;#MDB015/046/01/2011

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