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Patients can make appointments by:

Being referred from other GP’s and Specialists
Via ER – Tel # +27 21 930 8231
Calling for an appointment themselves – +27 21 930 3014 or emailing reception@drignatiusbotha.com

On your fist visit, upon entering our reception area you would be welcomed by Dr Botha’s personal assistants. You will be asked to fill in the appropriate forms for new and existing patients (if not downloaded or submitted via our online form). On subsequent visits it is the patients responsibility to inform Dr Ignatius Botha’s office if any of your pertinent personal, medical insurance or payment details have changed.

Patient Information:

On you first visit we capture contact details, personal & family medical history, emergency contact, insurance and payment details. Save time on your first visit to Dr. Ignatius Botha by downloading the Patient Information form on the left or filling out our Online Patient Information form.

Accounts Procedures:

  • This practice charges fees equivalent/higher than the ethical tariff of the HPCSA.
  • We recommend that each patient consider taking out a GAP COVER.
  • This gap covers you for the shortfall between what is charged by the medical practitioner and the amount that your medical Aid will actually pay out. Contact your broker for more information.
  • All accounts are submitted electronically to your medical aid. (Except for consultations, which needs to be settled on day of consultation.)
  • It is the responsibility of each patient to follow up with their Medical Aid in order to make sure they have received your claim and to know exactly what they will pay. (Most medical aids pay within 2 weeks)

The HPCSA Registrar, Boyce Mkhize, advocates sound business principles whereby:

“The PATIENTS should start taking responsibility regarding their Insurance Cover or Lack thereof. The Patient must take more responsibility to know at which Rates their specific Schemes Reimburse, and It cannot be expected from the doctor to be aware of the multitude of scheme’s reimbursement policies and rates…”

  • It is also the patient’s responsibility to contact the accounts department if payment can’t be made so we can discuss the necessary payment arrangement or if any information has changed on your profile.
  • The responsible person or patient should contact this Practice immediately should no account be received 30 (thirty) days after consultation and/or procedure.
  • If the patient is presented with a PMB condition, it is also his responsibility to communicate with his medical aid. All cannot be done from our side. We will however follow all the necessary steps to make sure the medical aid reimburse us in full.
  • If the account is not settled within 60 days, legal action will be considered unless otherwise arranged with the accounts department
  • No quotations will be given telephonically. Dr. Botha prefers to meet with each patient personally and discuss the quotation with each one in private.
  • A Consultation fee of R1000, for 2018, is payable on the day of consultation.(Foreigners)
  • South African Citizens will pay R900, for 2018, with the presentation of a valid South African ID document.
  • We do accept Cash, Debit cards, Credit Cards, Cheque payments and Electronic Funds Transfer.
  • For any account queries please contact us on: accounts@drignatiusbotha.com or +27(0)21 9303014

Please contact the practice on +27(0)21 930 3014 to confirm the current Consultation fee.

National Credit Act:

The National Credit Act documentation is required by the South African Government,

Save time: download and print the New Patient Form, which you can fill out at home or when you visit our office. Please fill these forms in thoroughly. Next of kin has to be filled in, in case of an emergency.

You need to bring a valid form of identification with you:

  • A South African Identity Document (ID)
  • Or a valid Passport
  • Or a valid Drivers License

And Medical aid card so that we can make a copy of these items. Most medical aids will require the correct ID #, membership # and dependent codes.


New Patient
Information Form

Fill this out online or print out the linked New Patient Information form to fill out at home.

Patient Information / Pasient Inligting
Please fill out the fields below
Name / Nam *
Name / Nam
Date of birth / Geboorte datum *
Date of birth / Geboorte datum
Home address / Woon adres *
Home address / Woon adres
Home tel/ Huis tel *
Home tel/ Huis tel
Let us know if you have any inquiries about the following procedures:
Work address / Werk adres *
Work address / Werk adres
Work tel / Werk tel *
Work tel / Werk tel
Cellphone / Selfoon *
Cellphone / Selfoon
Accountholder Information / Rekeninghouer Inligting
Particulars of person responsible for account/main member Persoon verantwoordelik vir rekening
Accountholder Name *
Accountholder Name
Accountholder Date of birth / Geboorte datum *
Accountholder Date of birth / Geboorte datum
Postal address / Posadres *
Postal address / Posadres
Home tel/ Huis tel *
Home tel/ Huis tel
Work address / Werk adres *
Work address / Werk adres
Work tel / Werk tel *
Work tel / Werk tel
Cellphone / Selfoon *
Cellphone / Selfoon
Tel *
Tel *